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01 Aug

Central Manchester CAMRA Beer of the Festival

After a fairly peculiar Sunday leaving me rather jaded mentally and soulfully at around 8pm my phone was thrust into my hand by my loving wife Lysha screaming “you won Beer of the Festival!!!!” It took a few seconds for this to sink in. To say it was totally unexpected is a complete understatement. This […]

11 Feb


The march of beer diversity and ever more flavourful beers continues to pervade the general beery landscape. We have come so far! The availability of this choice is a wonderful thing of course. Remember the days when all beer was pretty much the same? They were sold by all of the big brewers and exotic […]

16 Jan

Beware the invasion of the Southern pint

It is evident to me that the larger tranche of those craft breweries in the ‘big smoke’ are looking to capitalise on their dominant established craft beer positions and through links with Manchester – forged by the influx of southern money in to the proliferation of bars and restaurant in the Northern Quarter over the […]

10 Jan

Hopping mad?

There are a few things which I don’t compromise on. One is that I only ever use whole flower hops. I always have used them and I like the flavour you achieve with them. Personally I think the flavour from T90 pellets is coarse. I don’t know why the hops taste different when they are […]

10 Dec

Reclaiming the meaning of “craft”

When I named my brewery Ramsbottom “Craft” Brewery it was done for all good reasons. Not perhaps as some might think to capitalise on the “craft” brewing momentum. For some time already I had been creating beers in small volumes. I had been creating beers initially for pure enjoyment using all manner of ingredients available […]

28 Nov

Cornish creamed butter

When you have had Cornish butter even just once you never forget it. When we came back off holiday from Cornwall my wife and I vowed to try to only buy “proper” butter in the future. A real challenge when you live in Lancashire. The only way we found it would be possible was to […]

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