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10 Apr

Closure of House of Beer – what next for real ale lovers?

It was with great sadness we heard about the closure of House of Beer, that oasis of craft-beery loveliness tucked away in a back street in our hometown of Ramsbottom.

It is a great loss to the beer lovers in our town and also to those tourists who visit our picturesque village who enjoy taking locally brewed beer back home with them to drink and enjoy and remind themselves of their enjoyable trip to our lovely part of the world or to put in their beer cellar to enjoy much later on.

House of Beer offered something for everyone. Mainstream big brand craft beer and beer from smaller breweries both near and far. Pasteurised filtered big production beer and, including Rammy Craft, traditional and now somewhat uncommonly bottle conditioned product with “nowt taken out”.

True, the town now has a new venue, Grape and Grain. But given their stock preferences in beer terms the closure of House of Beer has left a big hole in the distribution of locally brewed beers. <u>So what is the availability of our beers now if you live in Ramsbottom?</u>

The only place you can buy our bottled products in Ramsbottom area is now exclusively

SUMMERSEAT GARDEN CENTRE – a longstanding purveyor of our wares. They stock a good selection of our beers on an ongoing basis.

The only other place you can get our bottled beers and the only place you can get our specials, adventurous stronger beers or superhop overload versions is


Either phone to order or order online (free local delivery – carriage charge if further afield) through our shop section

Why not join our beer club? Just 12 bottles commitment every 3 months. (1 bottle a week). Cancel at any time. An ever changing selection of interesting beers dropped to your door for £30 including delivery. Just £2.50 per bottle. Just go to the club section on our website.

Please support your local brewer and buy their quality product. Without your support every small craft brewery is in danger of closure. The beer market has never been more competitive.


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