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11 Jan


Drinking bottled beers you bought two years ago and rating them on Untappd
Really? Would you dream of keeping a Cloudwater session beer that long and then rating it two years later? With the exception of beers brewed for storage which by the way are brewed so they are not very drinkable when they are young (i.e. much greater bitterness and much more roast malt forward intentionally for them to mellow out over the years ahead) all beers are better drunk when they are in best condition which for most bottle conditioned ales is actually between 4 – 6 weeks after they were put in bottle. Imperial dark beers, tripels and old ales would be categories where time makes the beer better. Most beers then go down hill in flavour terms. Hops fade. You get some off notes from the yeast dying in the bottle. Malt & body thins.
Generally speaking beers below 6.5% should be drunk in my opinion within 6-9 months and much much sooner if session strength.

If you know this already then it is a bit of an insult to a craft brewer if you have shoved their wares to the back of the cupboard under the sink and ignored them for two years. Even more insulting that you would then ordain to rate the beer on a public rating system after all that time.

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