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30 Dec


Only a day or so more before the year draws to a close and I look back like a jungle explorer through all the trees and leaves and bugs and think “did I really do all that?!”

Part of me hopes that no year ahead is as arduous as the year just passed and part of me is glad for the daily challenge and the non stop fight that keeps me fit and keeps me feeling ALIVE. It is to me the struggle of life that is unavoidable and equally a necessity for your state of mind. the devil makes work for idle hands they say. I not only believe in this saying 100% I seem to mutter it to myself almost every week at some point to remind myself why i don’t want a sedentary and maybe leisurely white collar job.

Its certainly been a year of two steps forward and one step back but I am convinced it was that way around rather than the more depressing one then two.

I employed my first member of staff and then I was back to being a OMB. But not for long – further help was at hand.

During the course of the year the space in Bury was “fully utilised” – much quicker than even I could have hoped for. So well utilised that it is now not enough!

Even more one off brews were achieved and we had at on e time over 50 bottle beers available on the online shop. Oh yes the online shop…that was launched this year too.

Other firsts for me this year:

Salford Beer Festival – where I showed Imperial Mancunian Stout 10%. In my opinion the best beer technically and flavour wise I have brewed so far in 4 years

Manchester Beer Festival – seems such a long time ago now and it is becaus eit is nearly upon us again. The beers I sent sold out very quickly. Thank you drinkers. I hope this was down to it tasting great – not just because it was new at the festival.

Great British Beer Festival OLYMPIA – Rammy AleĀ® represented the brewery amongst the best beer in Britain. How proud was I? !!!

Introduced new minikeg format to our range. I think they have gone down well but please all feedback is welcomed regarding the carbonation level. Most things need a tweak when they are new.

On the other side of the fence….

UNTAPPD – As A reviewer. I joined the party as RammyCraftMatt not to rate my own beer but to show people what I think of other people’s beer. Not in a sniping way but just as simple feedback that I too would like off a review site.

My top rated beer this year was….

Earl Grey IPA – Marble

UNTAPPD – As a brewery….So proud that a totally independent review platform has voted me so highly as a Bury brewer. I must mention that the exceptional Five-Oh Brew Co of Prestwich – a tiny pico-brewery is the top rated brewery in the Borough. For those who don’t know PICO is smaller than NANO which is smaller than MICRO as in microbrewery. At 2.5bbl I just about qualify as a microbrewery though some might say I was a nanobrewery. Anyhow of all the breweries of my size or more I am the highest rated brewery. What does it tell you when the top two rated breweries in Bury Borough are also the smallest two?

2016 guarantees to be exciting. Watch this space. And don’t forget if you want to get involved in the expansion- send me your CV.

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