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11 Dec



Salary from £17K, rising with experience. LEADING TO POSITION OF FULL TIME LEAD BREWER £20K+ with company shareholding*

All enquiries. Please enclose CV by email to matt@rammycraft.com

Increasing sales means the brewery is entering a growth phase that will require a new full time brewer. Following a phase of induction and training on all aspects of the brewery business, and of course including the manual aspect of this role, the successful applicant will become 100% responsible for the brewing of Rammy Craft Ales.

The essential attributes of the right person are:

– Academic qualifications: Maths A Grade GCSE/O level, Science A levels
– All grain brewing experience even as a hobby
– Able to work independently and self managing
– Physically strong to easily lift casks and sacks, etc

It is almost guaranteed that the successful person will be an all grain brewer already, even if this is only brewing at home. You may not necessarily class yourself as an expert yet, but you should be able to demonstrate sufficient interest in beer that you will have done your own all grain brewing on home made / home brew equipment. An understanding of all the traditional brewer’s calculations and mathematics is essential.

The potential rewards for entering the Ramsbottom Craft Brewery at this fledgling stage are incomparable, a truly unique opportunity for the right person. However, we need someone like you who can prove they will work hard, demonstrate dedication and the tenacity required to become successful in this exceptionally demanding yet incredibly rewarding career. *The successful applicant will be expected to buy into the business as a shareholder to protect the company’s intellectual property assets. We want a person who will grow in the role and be a key player/part business owner in the business going forward.

Brewing is not a glamorous occupation even if it looks it! That said it is highly rewarding and every day brings something different – plenty of challenges! The process lives and dies by your own control

Position available now.
Place of work, Ramsbottom and Bury, therefore, clean driving license essential. Living locally is a must – the hours are long enough without a long commute.

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